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About the Artist

Allan Myndzak was born in 1954 in Vernon, British Columbia. He began painting at the age of 8, under the guidance of the late Jessie Topham Brown. Upon high school graduation, he received the Helen Pitt Scholarship, and continued his studies at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary from 1972-1976.

His paintings exhibit an intricate sense of composition, light and depth that parallel many of the impressionist painters of the late 19th Century. A varied palette ranging from subtle to vibrant hues also aid the artist in achieving his desired effects.

Allan Myndzak creates emotive and atmospheric representations of sunlit gardens and landscapes. He continues to paint a variety of traditional impressionistic themes, although his subject matter and treatment is contemporary.

Whilst Gladwell & Company have only been dealing with this fine artist for four years, it is our considered opinion that he has a fine future and we trust that we can continue to assist him as his reputation grows.


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