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About the Artist

Benson Landes was born into a creative family. His father owned a clothing factory and at the age of fourteen Benson, somewhat reluctantly, began an apprenticeship in his father’s factory learning pattern cutting, machinery and gaining an understanding of the world of fashion and design. At eighteen, Landes was conscripted into the Royal Air Force, and discovered paper, pastels and other materials in the workshop on the Air Force base that allowed him the freedom to indulge in his love of drawing.

After two years, Landes returned home and married and in the following twenty years built up his own business in couture ladies fashion supplying the likes of Harrods and Peter Jones with his clothing lines. It was in the 1970s that Landes returned to his passion of art and specifically sculpture. Entirely self-taught in the medium, in 1981 Landes succeeded in selling some of his first pieces of sculpture, a collection of sporting trophies shown at the 1981 Open Golf Championship, to Garrards, the Crown Jewelers. This success quickly brought important contacts and new commissions.

Landes is best known for his sculptures of ballerinas and nude female figures. His career as a couturier taught the artist a greater in depth understanding of the female form and its characteristic grace and elegance which is masterfully translated into the medium of bronze. His sculptures have found a home within many notable private collections and despite his recent passing his popularity has continued to grow.


I truly believe that romance and elegance are necessary shields to what I see as the sometimes too hurried manner of life today'.

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