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About the Artist

Cornelis Bouter (1888-1966) specialised in painting traditional scenes of Holland. Bouter lived in Holland throughout his life. Born in Gouda, he later studied in The Hague before settling between La Haye and Voorburg in the south of the country, though he travelled to and spent significant time in the United States and Canada.

Bouter’s paintings of rural domestic interiors and the Dutch countryside were painted in the manner of Bernard Johannes Bloomers and Jozef Israels, leading members of The Hague School. Bouter embraced these nineteenth-century Dutch masters in style and subject matter but he focused on the depiction of genre scenes; wholesome domestic scenes of family life and rural folk with their livestock. Inspired by Johannes Christiaan Karel Klinkenberg, the famous painter of Dutch cityscapes in the later part of the nineteenth-century, Bouter also developed his oeuvre to include paintings of towns and urban landscapes, recognisable for their typical Dutch architecture.

Bouter worked under several pseudonyms during his career, as was often the practise among artists at this period, including Hendricks, Verschurr and Willems. His genre scenes and landscapes were highly sought after during his life time and can now be found in numerous public and private collections worldwide.

“One of Holland’s greatest genre painters.”

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