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About the Artist

Edouard Cortès discovered his passion for painting from studying under his father Antonio, an artist in the Spanish Court. His first exhibition in 1899 drew much acclaim for his work from critics in Paris where he subsequently decided to settle.

Over a period of some 60 years he concentrated on capturing the spirit and beauty of the City of Light in a wide variety of weathers and night settings resulting in him becoming known as ‘Le Poete Parisien de la Peinture’ because of his diverse selection of cityscapes. His paintings of Parisian street scenes evoke the ambience of many of Paris’s major avenues with carriages cutting through busiling and travellers scurrying beneath the gas lamps.

Alexandre Jacob and Edouard Cortès were best friend and members of The Fine Arts Union of Lagny along with fellow artists; Paul-Emile Colin, Henri Lebasque, Frederic Leve, Maurice Monnot, Charles Pavil and Emile Prodhon. The Union was formed in 1926. At the estate sale of Cortès daughter, there two or three paintings in the sale which had a Cortès on one side and a Jacob on the other side.    Edouard Cortès died in 1969, and his spectacular scenes of Paris are found within private collections of European art all over the world.

“I will paint until my last breath, because I was born from and for painting.”

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