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About the Artist

Demester was born in France on 4th May, 1902. The artist was a pupil of Professor Bertram at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and exhibited at many of the principal exhibitions in France, especially those in Paris.

Anthony Fuller’s father first came across Eugene Demester’s work in the 1950s in Paris and Anthony estimates that between the 1950s and her death in 1985, the gallery acquired well over six hundred paintings from the artist. Demester mainly painted French landscapes of the Sologne region of north-central France as well as the Brittany coastline. Anthony remembers Demester fondly and we have had great success with her French landscapes. Her work was exhibited in many of the principal exhibitions in France, most notably the Salon d’Hiver, Salon des Artistes Français and Salon d’Asniers where her work was awarded many prizes including the Silver Medal at the Paris Salon in 1958. 

Demester died on 4th October 1985.

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