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About the Artist

Francesco Bergamini (1851 – 1900) was an Italian painter who specialised in producing genre scenes for an international audience. Born in Rome, he trained at the National academy where he was taught by Giuseppe Diotti, a traditional artist who still often received fresco commissions. Francesco received a wide-ranging pictorial education religious wall paintings to contemporary portraiture.

Combining his eye for accuracy with a looser brushwork that was beginning to permeate Italian artistic circles thanks to the success of Realism and Impressionism, Bergamini became known for his immaculately rendered yet still colourful interior scenes. This engaging yet still academic style proved extremely successful in the foreign market, and the artist seems to have sold so many works to American and British travellers that he was unable to exhibit in the Italian Salon until the 1890s. The artist’s works are found widely outside Italy to this day, a testament to his international appeal.

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