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About the Artist

Seradour was born on the 8th October, 1922 at Etaples-le-Touquet, Paris. From a very young age he was attracted to painting. After his studies at Condorcet, he entered in 1939, the “Academie des Beaux-Arts”. Preferring to work alone, he only stayed there three months.

It was in 1940 that he held his first solo exhibition at the Gallery Romanet in Alger. He continued to exhibit in various Salons in various countries, as diverse as Belgium, England, America, Japan, Iran as well as in his native France.  In 1955 he held an exhibition at Bernheim-jeune where the critics were unanimous in their praise of him as a great artist.

At the same time, Seradour was producing a number of very impressive portraits for important collections in France and abroad. His work can today be found in numerous State collections in France, in the museum of Marseilles and in private collections all over the World.

Later in his career he ceased to paint the soft and delicate pastels and portraits for which he was renowned and commenced painting modern art. Today he continues to paint and sells his modern paintings to many galleries and individuals in America.

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