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About the Artist

Horst Altermann (1925-1978) was born in Dusseldorf in Germany. As a budding young artist he studied ecclesiastical art at his hometown Academy, but, like other contemporary artists of his time, he found the study limiting, and turned his interest towards landscape painting. From a young age, the outdoors had always inspired Altermann and he delighted in capturing the countryside surrounding Dusseldorf under his brush. His passion for the outdoors meant Altermann quickly mastered the art of depicting summer woodland scenes with loose brushstrokes and a delicate palette. An early interest in hunting and game sports led to his incorporation of these types of subjects into his landscape painting. Altermann also enjoyed painting seascapes, using the light effects of the sunrise and sunset on water to amplify the beauty of his paintings. Yet his hunting woodland settings were his favorite subjects to paint, and remain some of his most sought after works from his lifetime. Altermann's reputation has outlived him, and his art continues to be collected by his followers around the world.

One of the greatest sporting artists of the twentieth-century.

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