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Jonathan Knight is one of Britain’s leading contemporary animal sculptors. Animals, particularly horses, were a constant source of delight and inspiration in Knight’s life from a very young age. His father, David Knight, was an illustrator and caricaturist and would spend much time at the major British horse races capturing them for publications. Knight took to sculpting at the age of ten, inspired by a variety of sculptors from Bugatti to Brancusi. After graduating from Cambridge University with an English degree, Knight returned to his artistic heritage and begun to draw and sculpt, specializing in equine subjects. Fired by his passion for riding and his admiration for the beauty and expressive power of the horse, Knight soon established a formidable reputation for the beauty and veracity of his equestrian work. Commission’s for life size bronze sculptures at Cheltenham Racecourse and the Cheveley Park Stud Farm in Newmarket followed. As Knight’s style matured he began to widen his focus to wildlife and birds sculptured in a contemporary manner in which superfluous detail was discarded in favour of form, line and movement. Knight’s sculpture strikes a delicate balance between abstraction and reality, despite their simplified forms, his subjects are abundant with personality and expression. Increasingly, a deep concern for the conservation of threatened species informs Knight’s work. This is reflected in the African wildlife and African game sculptures which he creates, and through which he hopes to increase awareness of this issue. Knight’s first one man show took place at W H Patterson in Mayfair in the early 1990s and the gallery has sold his magnificent sculptures since. His work has been exhibited at the major art fairs in Europe and the United Kingdom, Jonathan Knight’s enchanting bronze animal sculptureshave given him a wide collectorship amongst the connoisseurs of wildlife and equine art. He is widely recognized as one of the finest and most original wildlife and equine artists of his generation.


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