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Marie Coulon-Serra (1888-1975) was born in Paris. From an early age, Coulon-Serra showed outstanding artistic talent and went to study at the Fine Art Academy. Little is known about her early career, however by the 1950s her work was greatly sought after. Coulon-Serra was married to the successful French artist Rene Emile Charles Coulon, and the pair shared a studio. Coulon-Serra’s technique and style reveals the influence of Rene’s work, however her use of bright colours, such as orange and cobalt blue, is unique to her evocations of the French landscape. Coulon-Serra favoured depictions of the coast, rivers, or lakes of the French countryside and her oeuvre is dominated by paintings of fishing boats beautifully reflected in rippling water. Gladwell Co purchased numerous landscapes directly from the artist between 1950 and 1970. Marie Coulon-Serra exhibited regularly at the Paris Salon and the Salon d’Hiver throughout her career and was a member of the Committee of the Salon des Artistes Français.In 1954 she was awarded the Gold Medal of the Paris Salon and the following year the coveted Hors Concors. The list of Coulon-Serra’s many awards include the Medal of the City of Paris, the Vermeil Medal of the Department of the Seine and her works have been purchased by the French State and the City of Paris.


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