About the Artist

Miguel Angel Moraleda is a contemporary Spanish artist, and has worked as a professional painter for the past 20 years. Essentially self-taught, he came from a family of wine and olive oil producers who were concerned about his intention to become a professional artist.  Having started studying law, Moraleda decided, at the age of 22, to make his own destiny, and dedicated himself solely to his art.

Moraleda’s fascination with wildlife and his exceptional talent for observation and the mastery of classical technique combine beautifully in his work.  By placing the animals in their natural settings; a marshland, a track or a vineyard, he creates captivating scenes of amazing veracity. Morelda travels all over Europe, as far as Lithuania, to seek inspiration for his next painting session.

Miguel Angel Moraleda has exhibited internationally since 2003 and enjoys a growing international reputation.