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About the Artist

Inspired by his Devonshire surroundings and by his travels all over the U.K and Europe, Mike is attacted to the pattern of buildings, boats and similar features within a scene, they create a rhythm to him and he captures this throughout his works. Mike enjoys experimenting with a variet of media and techniques, often incorporating collage and acrylics. 

As a base to his paintings, collage has allowed him to create abstract structure that can often turn into the ever elusive ‘happy accident’ when an array of seemingly disparate textures, colours and shapes suddenly fall into place. He knows a composition is complete when there is a pleasing pattern, unified by a harmonious palette but with enough abstract elements to retain an atmosphere of spontaneity, freshness and freedom.

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“I now paint almost exclusively in mixed media, combining collage, acrylics, and pastel. I enjoy the way textures, shapes, colour and ‘happy accidents’ steer the direction of my paintings. My favourite subjects continue to be harbour scenes, market, and street scenes both in Britain and abroad.”
While the work displays a high sense of realism, particularly in reproduction, it is important to me that the works are still essentially a personal interpretation of form and composition, and therefore not lose that sense of being a painting. The excitement of being an artist for me lies both in the process of physically using paint to transform, and a sense of achievement in completing the work”.

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