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About the Artist

Paul Czainski trained at Goldsmiths College in London and has been working ever since with the world’s best interior designers, including Nicky Haslam, David Mlinaric, John Stephanidis, Colefax and Fowler. Paul is the hidden talent on which their wonderful reputations were built. Now it is time for this brilliant artist to shine in his own right. Paul has worked on commissions on many England's Stately homes and historic palaces, including Hampton Court and the Queens House, Greenwich.

Recently Paul's work has increasing come into the limelight as the pure artistic and creative genius behind many stunning murals, paintings and designs in private and public collections. Paul is inspired by simple beauty, natural surroundings, sculpture and form. The subject matter in his paintings come from his own garden, which is a masterpiece of creation and an extention of their art.  Paul Czainskis' subject matter include both the familiar, the imaginary and out-of-this-world ideas but they strike a cord in the hearts and minds of many, making him highly collectable and wonderfully original.


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