About the Artist

Paul Sieffert was born in Paris in 1874. He was a student of Jean Léon Gérôme, Gabriel Guay and Albert Maignan.

Sieffert exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français where he received the Médaille de Troisieme Classe in 1899, the Premier Grand Prix de Rome in 1902, the Médaille de Deuxieme Classe in 1906 and the Prix J. Bertrand in 1923.  He was a member of the jury and received the Legion d’Honnuer in 1931.  In 1937 he received the Diplôme d’Honneur at the Exposition Internationale.  Additional memberships include the Comité de la Société Libre des Artistes Français and the Comité des Artistes Boursiers de la Seine.

The artist’s work has been collected by museums in Dijon, Nîmes, Calais, Le Havre and Dinan. Public decorative works include official buildings in Pas-de-Calais and Basses-Pyrénées, Nantes, Saint-Quentin, the Brazilian Embassy and La Banque Anglo-Sud-Amérique.  The private collections of Bonnet, Velykovoitch and Steinfel also include Sieffert’s work.

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