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Peter was born in Zimbabwe in 1957 and now lives in England. Growing-up on a remote farm and living close to nature has shaped Peter's awareness and understanding of his surroundings. He draws much of inspiration for his paintings from working outdoors. Preferring to work directly from the subject, plein-air, Peter is able to express his particular passion for light and atmosphere. The ever-changing light creates a sense of urgency within the painting, the vitality of which he tries to capture before the light changes. Peter's paintings are figurative and his personal interpretation is expressed by capturing the mood and atmosphere of the subject over a period of time, offering the viewer the opportunity to share the experience. London gave Peter's first and most lasting impressions of Britain when he arrived in the UK for the first time from Zimbabwe. Inevitably those early impressions created powerful images, contrasting dramatically with the African landscapes he left behind. Peter has travelled widely throughout Europe, painting in many well known cities. The great diversity in his subject matter is a result of constantly assessing the changes of light and atmosphere within his surroundings. Peter works from his Sussex studio and has exhibited extensively in many solo and mixed contemporary modern exhibitions, including the Royal Society of British Artists. His work is widely collected and hangs in private and corporate collections.


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