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About the Artist

Robert Van Cleef was born in Paris, and studied at the Ecole de la Ville de Paris. He was influenced there by Professor Schultz-Dal, the President of the Professors of Design. Van Cleef quickly showed promise and after submitting work in open competition at an early age, he received several awards.

His technique is natural, rather than trained and this is seen in the liveliness and vigour of his work. He exhibits regularly at many of the principal exhibitions in Paris, including the Paris Salon, the Salon d’Hiver, and the Salon De l’Art Libre, of which he is an elect member.

There can be little doubt that Van Cleef is the finest contemporary French figure painter. He is a master of tonal values, and has the ability to modify his technique in accordance with his subject matter. The artist was awarded the Prix Schlienger, 1959 and the Gold Medal of the E-O-L, 1962. The French State purchased examples of his work in 1954, and he won the Prix Vallin in 1966.


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