Terrence Cuneo

About the Artist

Terrence Cuneo was most famous for his passion for engineering subjects, particularly locomotives and the railway as a whole. But in fact Cuneo painted over a wide range, from big game in Africa to landscapes. Further success was achieved in his regimental commissions, battle scenes and incidents as well as portraits. Cuneo was appointed as the official artist at the Coronation of Elizabeth II, which brought his name before the public worldwide.

Cuneo studied at the Chelsea Polytechnic and the Slade School of Art, before working as an illustrator for magazines, books and periodicals. In 1936 he started working in oils, continuing with his illustration work. His work has been used in every conceivable manner, from book jackets and model railway catalogues to posters and jigsaws and even Royal Mail postage stamps. It can be found in many museums and galleries, including Guildhall Art Gallery and the Royal Institution.