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About the Artist

Victor Schivert was born on 8th May 1863 in Jassy, Romania. He showed an early talent for drawing and his father, Albert Gustav Schivert also well respected artist, nurtured this. He trained at the Gratz Academy in Austria and his paintings hang in the Hermannstadt Museum in his home town.

He then left for Munich, where he studied under the supervision of Alois Gabl and Otto Seitz. Schivert’s first successes came quickly. They gave him a superb grounding in colouring and construction of his paintings. He had a lot of orders form abroad. The artist mainly painted historical and generic pieces.

He also worked for some considerable time as an illustrator, which was a successful and enriching experience and one that allowed him to perfect his draftsmanship and refine the portrayal of the characters of his figures.

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