Pierre de Clausade (1910-1976) was born in Paris. Despite having an early interest in art, Clausade did not begin to paint until the age of thirty-one. Clausade began his formal education in architecture and attended the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Due to his desire to paint in a unique style, and to avoid becoming a mere follower of his contemporaries such as Braque, Matissse and Picasso, Clausade sought to experiment with his craft in order to develop an entirely personal method of expression. In 1943 he held his first exhibition in Paris which proved to be a great success.

Clausade specialised in painting peaceful landscapes and river scenes, dominated by magnificent effects of great cloud masses. The artist painted in a very distinctive style. He built up layers of block colour to form clouds and the silhouettes of trees in the foreground of his landscapes, with the grey tones of the sky uniting the composition into great atmospheric visions.

Clausade delights with his creation of a world of solitude, which expresses the full beauty of nature in all its aspects, particularly the enchantment and inspiration of great cloud masses. The balance Clausade achieves in his paintings recalls his architectural education, with the viewer’s eye being led smoothly from one side of the canvas to the other, all the while being taken back through the painting to the horizon. He chose to depict landscapes of lesser known lakes, islets and beaches, celebrating the quietness of these locations in his pictures. Even his depictions of Venice are captured from a position across the lagoon so that human presence and interference are forgotten.

Clausade’s paintings were widely celebrated during the artists life time, with exhibitions held in Rio de Janiero, Boston, New York and Saõ Paulo. Clausade was a Member of the Salon d’Hiver and exhibited frequently at the Société National des Beaux Arts. In January 1953, Clausade was awarded the great honour of the Medaille d'Argent by the jury of the Paris Salon. Always a great lover of music and literature, Clausade won the Prix de Poesie for his poetry. Examples of his work can be found in the Boston and Minneapolis Museums as well as in private collections all over the world, including that of the Brazilian Ambassador to Stockholm.