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Clive McCartney was born in New Delhi, India in 1960.

 He has studied under Cecil Collins, Ken Kiff, Leon Villancour, Anthony Wisnaw, Patrick Caufield, and Derek Boshier.  In the ten years after completing his education, he traveled as a painter/photographer to Spain (where he lived in a farming community in Alpuharras), Europe, Egypt, Thailand (where he lived with Animist hill tribe in Golden Triangle and enrolled as a Thai-Buddhist monk, Chaing Mai), Burma, Malaysia, Java, Bali, Borneo, Turkey, India, Nepal, Kashmir, and Morocco.

“Darkness and light and the drama of opposites have always been a favourite subject, establishing a new sense of gravitas, awe and mystery, not to mention maximizing the potential for using the fullest range of tones on the palette white and much darker umber’s and blues, eternal symbols in their own right.” Clive McCartney

It is no surprise that McCartney lists Carot, Degas, Whistler and Sickert as the artists who have had the most profound influence on him.  With Clive we are taken on a literal and a metaphysical journey.  The cafes, bars and restaurants, the cityscapes and scenery all seen from a variety of angles are superlatively executed with an emphasis on process and handling.  We are shown beautifully evocative scenes of quiet understated drama.  We see how a sublime powerful light can be all pervasive lending the work a sense of symbolic spiritualism.

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