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Kenneth Webb was born in London in 1927, and divides his time between his studios in Connemara and Devon. He was educated in Bristol Grammar School, Lydney Grammar and School of Art where he obtained HSC and Slade Scholarship.

Kenneth’s paintings are an exploration and celebration of the natural world through colour. Experimenting with colour in a free, expressionist manner since his studies, Kenneth has arrived at a joyous aesthetic that captivates and envelops the viewer. Taking inspiration from the natural landscape around him, from the garden of the Ballinaboy Studio in Connemara, and his home in Chagford in Devon, his paintings are rooted in place and are deeply personal.

John O’Donohue has written of the artist that his “…work is a homage to the secret life of colour. Though his paintings are intense icons, you never have the feeling that form or content are forced or contrived. He has managed to penetrate to some deeper level from which the painting is able to assert the dream of its own shaping. He says paintings have always come to him. His work does have that tone of lyrical necessity: they had to come.”

Kenneth has shown works at numerous notable institutions, including the Royal Academy in London (first in 1949). He founded the Irish School of Landscape painting (1957) and has since lectured at the Tate Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Gallery London. Kenneth is well known to collectors internationally, and his work is placed in prestigious collections across the world.

Exhibition History

1949 First Exhibited Royal Academy
1954 Solo exhibition – Arts Council, Belfast
1959 Solo exhibition – Ritchie Hendricks Gallery, Dublin.
Solo exhibition Londonderry.
1960 Solo exhibition, Veerhoof Galleries, Washington.
1961 Solo exhibition – Ulster Office, London
1962 Solo exhibition – Maggee Gallery, Belfast
1967 Solo exhibition – Solomon and Whitehead, London
1968 Solo exhibition – Imperial Art Gallery, Cheltenham
Solo exhibition – Gallery, Toronto
1971 Solo exhibition – Kenny Gallery, Galway
1972 Retrospective Exhibition – 1967-1972 Mall Galleries, London
1972 Retrospective Exhibition – Alexander Gallery, Bristol
1975 Solo exhibition – Harrods, London
1976 Solo exhibition, Deben Gallery, Suffolk
1985 Solo exhibition – Metropolis International Galleries d’Art, Geneva
1990 Retrospective Exhibition 1950-1990, The Kenny Gallery, Galway
2000 Webbscapes – solo exhibition at The Kenny Gallery
2003 A Life in Colour – The Kenny Gallery
2006 Webb at 80 – 18th solo exhibition at The Kenny Gallery since 1963
2008 Solo exhibition – ‘My Conamara Garden’ at the Kenny Gallery
2010 Kenneth & Susan Webb, The W.H.Patterson Gallery, London
2011 Solo exhibition – ‘Portach’ at the Kenny Gallery
2012 Solo exhibition – W.H. Patterson, London – during the 2012 Olympic Games
2013 Solo exhibition – ‘Timeless’ at the Kenny Gallery
2015 Kenneth and Susan Webb, Gladwell & Patterson, London.
2017 Kenneth Webb at 90, Gladwell & Patterson, London.

His compositions achieve an exquisite balance between colour and form and are a powerful and eloquent expression of the artists quest for degrees of abstraction.

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