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The hot summer sunshine set us packing our bags to dash off and bask in its warm glow. Where better than to head to the land of ducks, walnuts, fresh goats cheese and the home of Uncle Walter. My suitcase contained Mr Atomic, which sounds like I was a modern day trafficker but I can […]

G&P 50 years Spotlight

Figurative Art

Life drawing is where it all begins for many artists. It is the truest form of figure painting and many formative years are spent honing skills of observation and learning how to depict the three dimensional shape and contours of the human body. I have long admired the ability of artists who can paint the […]

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Half a Century with Robert Chailloux

Our first “Half a Century with…” spotlight is on Robert Chailloux who was a remarkable French artist and a good friend to Anthony and the gallery. A regular visitor to Chailloux, firstly in Paris and then subsequently at his home in the countryside near Dourdan for over 40 years, Anthony has many enjoyable memories of […]

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Stewart Lees at Chelsea

Ever get coriander confused with cumin? Or wonder just what exactly curry powder is made out of? We often think that the fresh and fragrant herbs in Stewart Lees paintings might help you with these and many other culinary questions. The bright zesty greens of fresh basil or the tightly coloured variegated leaves of a […]

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Martin Taylor at Chelsea

Low flying pheasants, deep green leaves on heavy ash tree boughs and golden honey colour stone houses and villages can only mean you are travelling through Northamptonshire. I was on my way to visit Martin Taylor in his studio just on the edge of the Althorp estate, just before the start of the Chelsea Flower […]

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Paul S. Brown at Chelsea

The savoury subjects of Paul S. Brown’s paintings on Tuesday at the Flower Show were a delightful contrast both in subject and form. Vegetables, cookery, herbs and spices are all a theme of inspiration at Chelsea and this year BBC Radio 2 used them to great effect on their taste garden supported by DJ Chris […]


Peter van Breda at Chelsea

The River Thames is rushing past the Chelsea Flower show just outside the Bullring Gate. Flowing under Albert and Chelsea bridges it moves along timeless and deep. Summer sun bounces across the surface, sparkling and shimmering and perhaps just for this week the river’s surface captures briefly the colour and beauty of what is happening […]


Kenneth Webb: Interview with Devon Life

Capturing the natural world in paint is one of the artworld’s most longstanding challenges dating back as much as 500 years. But it was the interpretations from the 18th century that we think of – from the 18th century romantic rural idylls painted by John Constable through to the 19th century impressionistic Monet’s Giverny gardens […]

DEREK G.M. GARDNER - The Sovereign of the Seas (The Record Breaker)

Anthony’s Autumn Top 10

Since our last newsletter we have added many fine new works of art to our collection and I have taken great pleasure in selecting ten of the very best for your enjoyment. In my opinion, these represent a great cross section of the wide range of traditional pictures and bronzes for which our gallery is so renown and each has […]


En Plein Air

“When you go out to paint, try to forget what objects you have before you, a tree, a house, a field or whatever… merely think here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow, and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and […]


Connemara panoramas, mountains and Irish artistic inspiration

Holiday season brings with it all the joy of long sunny days, sea and sand. For us last week it also bought a couple of “grand soft days” as we ventured off to the rainy far west coast of Ireland. We were on a visit to see Kenneth Webb and his family, who take up […]

Passing the time with Peter Symonds – Wild walks over hill, fell and field

With the sun streaming through the fresh leaves of late Spring we headed out of London to one of our favourite corners of England. The Weald nestles between the North and South Downs, once thickly wooded- today it is still an area of shaded streams, delightful copses and wonderful country views. Here Peter Symonds has […]


Celebrating Willem’s 80th

There is always something very special about birthdays and the month of May heralds many amongst our team and our artists. We love the chance to celebrate and we hosted a birthday tea for Graham and Peter van Breda at the Chelsea Flower show, who were joined in the celebration by one of our wonderful […]


Paul S. Brown MMXV Exhibition

Like a sunny breeze Paul arrived into the gallery on Thursday bringing his warmth and calm Southern humour to us as he arrived straight from across the pond. Having travelled well with Serena and Nat he was looking forward to his new show, Paul S. Brown MMXV, starting this week. This was definitely the calm […]


Kenneth Webb 2015: Themes & Backgrounds

With the highly anticipated Kenneth Webb exhibition just a few weeks away, we thought we would celebrate the varied themes in Kenneth Webb’s stunning new collection by releasing fascinating background information on each theme, every week, until the exhibition commences… 1. POPPIES Paintings from this theme include: • Poppies in a Cornfield • Summer Flight […]



Primarily a landscape painter in the Romantic tradition, Kenneth Webb’s subjects of bog-scapes and wild flower meadows have been truly original contributions to Irish art over the past fifty years. He evokes a Gallic sense of mystery and mood in his impressionist waterlily and bog paintings of Connemara. A fascination with nature has gripped Kenneth […]

Boatyard by David Mynett

Mallorcan Memories – Visiting David Mynett’s home from home

An invitation to stay at an artist’s ‘finca’ (farmhouse), Can Xenet, in Mallorca doesn’t take much thinking about and so it was, last Friday, that Lynne Moore and myself hopped to it, packed our bags and flew straight over. David Mynett was, as some of you will surely remember, one of our talented Venice in […]

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Passing the time with Kenneth Webb

Charisma, passion, vibrancy and quirkiness are just some of the words which strike you about one of our most exuberant and colourful artists. These expressions reflect the person, the life and the surroundings of Kenneth and his wife Joan. The chance to share Sunday lunch with him in deepest Devon is always a real treat. […]

18557 Hamilton Fraser

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Our Artistic  take on the Twelve Days of Christmas “On the first day of Christmas Willem Dolphyn gave to me a platter of ripe green pears. On the second day of Christmas Pablo Picasso gave to me two flags of peace with a dove, and a platter of ripe green pears… On the third day […]

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The launch of our inspirational new Peter Van Breda video

Peter’s enthusiasm for painting is driven by his excitement at capturing the light and atmosphere of a scene on canvas. One of the hardest painting techniques to achieve and one which many artists have found a challenge in their work. Painting en plein air, the urgency and translational nature of what he seeks gives his […]


“On Top of The World” – What an action packed preview week at Gladwell & Patterson

Two fantastic dinners in the gallery entertaining our passionate Dolphyn collectors, enjoyable lunches out with clients, a packed and bustling preview, hundreds of soldiers, loyal friends aplenty and strong sales. What else could you need to bring good wishes and support from far and wide to two special artists? All these are the hallmarks of […]

Willem Dolphyn

Passing the time with Willem Dolphyn

A trip to Antwerp is always a highlight for me and particularly so last weekend. The city was buzzing with students starting term and up to high jinks the last tourists were taking in the Autumn colours and Gladwell & Patterson were visiting Willem in his studio. He has an amazing set of rooms with […]


Mr. Turner – The Battle With Light & Colour

One of England’s finest painters, a Londoner, one of the most widely travelled Georgians and a grunting almost incomprehensible genius – Joseph Mallord William Turner lived for most of his life in Chelsea at what is now 119 Cheyne Walk. He was born in the same year as Jane Austen and died in the year […]


Passing the time with Walter Dolphyn

Ducks, walnuts and fresh goats cheese, the area of France around Rocamadour produces some fine food.  It has also attracted pilgrims down the centuries, among them kings, bishops and nobles. The monastic buildings, shrines and pilgrim churches associated with Saint Amadour cling to the cliffs where a tomb was discovered in 1166, said to be that of the servant […]

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Passing the time with Peter Van Breda

Peter Van Breda: The artist who built his studio in the pub garden… For those who know me, I am not one to be seen too far from a chilled glass of dry white wine. Or, on very sunny days, a pint of lager. A few weeks ago I was delighted to be invited to […]


Passing the time Robert Chailloux’s niece

Following our retrospective exhibition on Robert Chailloux last year to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, it was finally time to return the studio objects, ship model and paintings we had borrowed from his niece. Chailloux’s former home and studio is a much-loved place by his relatives and his niece continues to garden for […]


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