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Sorolla, Spanish Master of Light

The Sorolla Exhibition of the National Gallery, open from the 18th of March to the 7th of July, is the perfect occasion to rediscover this dazzling Spanish artist. The current exhibition at the National Gallery “Sorolla, Spanish Master of Light” has a less ambitious title than the last Sorolla exhibition that took place in London, […]


En Plein Air

“When you go out to paint, try to forget what objects you have before you, a tree, a house, a field or whatever… merely think here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow, and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and […]

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5 Years Exhibiting at Fine Art Asia

Returning to Hong Kong for our fifth exhibition at Fine Art Asia almost feels like entering familiar territory now.  We have ‘our’ orchid man, hidden away in a bustling market alley off the main street who arranges flowers for our stand (I was sure he cracked a smile this year – whether it was at […]

Grizzly Bear

A Bronze For Your 8th Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally, couples give gifts of bronze to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary. Bronze is created by combining two different metals, copper and tin, to make something strong and beautiful, just like a marriage brings two people together into something more. This year, give your spouse a gift that is as unique as your love, and […]

Artist's heaven

Tabby, ‘Gators and Palms

Our week in Naples at the Art, Antique and Jewelry Show, turned up some interesting highlights. We visited Palm Cottage, the oldest house in Naples built in 1895 and which is now a museum. We were surprised to learn that sand, seashells and water make hurricane proof building materials – when compressed they form “tabby” […]


Venice in Peril!

Every January when London is grey and its inhabitants are a little jaded, W.H. Patterson hosted a special exhibition of Venetian paintings. The gallery walls were splashed with colour, light and a multitude of reflections, captured in all their glory, by contemporary and 19th century artists from all over the world. Over 21 years hundreds […]

Seafair 1

Painting Perfection: On Land Or At Sea Aboard the Megayacht “Seafair”

We have dropped anchor across the pond, setting up a pop-up gallery in Downtown Miami. Our exhibition sits alongside 22 carefully selected dealers aboard the megayacht ‘Seafair’ for the inaugural CONCEPT art fair. This year, we have bought with us a fantastic collection of Modern Masters from Monet to Picasso, split across two stands “The […]

18557 Hamilton Fraser

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Our Artistic  take on the Twelve Days of Christmas “On the first day of Christmas Willem Dolphyn gave to me a platter of ripe green pears. On the second day of Christmas Pablo Picasso gave to me two flags of peace with a dove, and a platter of ripe green pears… On the third day […]


19, Albemarle Street – A look back at a famous location

In 1964, Bill Patterson opened the doors of the W.H.Patterson Gallery at 19, Albemarle Street – a place that was to become our home for nearly 50 years. The site had a long and chequered history of which we are proud to have now played a significant part. From 1664 until 1683, Clarendon House was […]


The First Impression – W. A. Ellis Art Series

Property and art, coming together for a series of four events to be held at our gallery throughout the year, these events are a must for those who appreciate fine art and architecture with a premium level of service.


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