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David Shepherd is considered to be one of the finest wildlife artists of the last one hundred years. Our London gallery has acquired and sold many notable paintings by David Shepherd and supports the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. We are always looking to acquire and buy more artworks by this artist.

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David Shepherd’s distinctive style and inspiration stems from a personal attachment with the animals of Kenya. His subjects were painted with dignity and grandeur and his compositions allowed them to take centre stage amongst the breath-taking scenery of his beloved Africa.


David was a celebrated artist and conservationist for which he is remembered today. In 1984 he established the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to fund vital enforcement and community projects that protect wildlife survival in the natural habitat, and has since received many conservationist awards including an OBE.


David’s technique of combining photorealism with his broad impressionist technique and his impeccably accurate palette instantly strikes a chord with the viewer. Above all it is his love of the animals that shines through in his paintings. It is this passion, clearly evident in his work, that creates an instant empathy with his audience.

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