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Gladwells Rutland at The Northern Antiques Fair 2023

About the Exhibition

28 September 2023


1 October 2023





28th September – 1stOctober 2023,

The Garden Rooms at Tennants, Leyburn N Yorks

Gladwell’s Rutland, fine art dealers with a rich history stretching back over 275 years, and with galleries in Oakham and London, are delighted to announce their participation in the Northern Antiques Fair 2023. Held in the convivial surroundings of the Tennants Garden Rooms, Gladwells invite visitors to join them on their stand 4&6 to explore their collection of artists from post-impressionist to those painting today.

The work of leading post-impressionist Gustave Loiseau, French (1875-1903) will take centre stage. Drawn to capturing the beauty of rivers in all seasons, his painting ‘Riviere en Normandie’ with its complex use of colour bouncing light from water to sky and his daring brush strokes which dance across the canvas, evokes an image of the river which will no doubt chime with the viewer.

Wonderfully executed ‘River Esk, North Yorkshire’ and ‘Evening on the Moor’ by Harold Sutton Palmer, British, (1854-1933) the technical skill of his work is considerable, and his capacity to capture subtleties of colour and tone have been highly influential for subsequent generations of artists. Whether sharpening his focus on panoramic views or sweeping landscapes, or on details such as rushing streams and snapshots of villages, his works all bear the hallmark of an artist with consummate skill.

We will also be introducing our contemporary artists including Clare Haley ‘Light Dancing’ whose wild and atmospheric landscapes are redolent with the power of the Yorkshire weather in dreamlike vistas, and Yorkshire man Robert E. Wells, a celebrated contemporary artist who intrigues the viewer with his unusual and intimate compositions and a pared back colour palette.

Gladwells look forward to welcoming old friends and new and to their stand.

Please contact Natalie for more information and tickets at

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