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About the Exhibition

1 July 2020

Beauchamp Place

31 July 2020




A time to reflect, a time to recharge and now a time to grow.

Over the last few months, we have all been given a unique opportunity to take stock of what is important to us and to live life at a less hectic pace than before. We have been given time to appreciate the birds and the bees, to realise the joy in a slower, kinder existence, and to enjoy the rewards that come from a greener, more local lifestyle. Our enforced hibernation has shown to many of us the value that we place in our own refuge, how our homes can provide a place of solace and shelter. The challenge that we now all face is not to forget these lessons.

A time to reflect allows us to appreciate the beauty in the world and much of that can be found in art. We can ‘stand and stare’ at our paintings or our sculpture and we can truly enjoy them. There is a warmth and feeling of wellbeing that comes from our art, and being afforded the time to enjoy it has been a wonderful gift.

As the wheels of the world slowly start to turn again, we emerge from our segregation with a renewed energy and vigour, and now the gallery has three exciting locations for you to visit and enjoy.

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