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About the Exhibition

10 November 2021


24 December 2021




As the Gladwell’s story enters its 270th year, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank and celebrate you, our valued collectors. We are forever grateful that you have found those special pieces that form your collection with our help. Our mutual trust and of course, our shared love of art have brought us together and we hope to have given you as much pleasure as you have given us.

When we began to put this catalogue together, each member of the Gladwell & Patterson team was asked to choose which three artworks they would covet for their imaginary collections.

This produced a wonderfully diverse array of forms, styles and subject matter and it revealed that an art collection is so entirely personal and subjective to the beholder.

In conversation with many of you over the past few months we have delved deeper into your artistic passion and the stories of your own collections. We take great pleasure in sharing some of these wonderful tales and anecdotes in this, The Art of Collecting catalogue, which we hope you will enjoy and will inspire you to grow your own unique art collections.

One very kind collector wrote to us; “To even think of owning a painting from an artist that you have long admired is a dream... with Gladwell & Patterson’s help, it becomes a dream come true. To own a painting is a joy forever and it never ceases to amaze as to how happy you feel every time you gaze at it on a wall in your own home.”

An enduring passion, joy and love of your artworks and collections has come across time and time again. This is what inspires us in our perpetual quest to unearth wonderful paintings and sculptures to help you realise your dreams of collecting.

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