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Primitive in style, idyllic in mood, Helen Bradley's pictures are as accomplished as they are imaginative. Our London gallery held Helen Bradley’s first London exhibition in 1977 and we have since acquired and sold many notable paintings by the artist. We are always looking to acquire and buy more artworks by this artist.

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Helen Bradley began painting her unique and charming narrative scenes at the age of sixty-five. She transmuted her childhood memories in the everyday life of ordinary Lancashire mill folk into anecdotal art.


Bradley's her bright, teeming pictures are as accomplished as they are imaginative. Not only did Bradley paint with her brushes, but also in words. Her paintings are combined with stories brimming with sardonic humour that brings to life the age that she lived and reveals a rare appreciation of humanity.


Bradley’s first London exhibition was held at W. H. Patterson in 1977, and her second exhibition at the gallery took place in 1979. Revered by her contemporary L. S. Lowry, Bradley’s work gained a tremendous following in the final decade of her life and she quickly became one of Britain’s best known and loved artists. Her works touch the hearts of those young and old.

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