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Journeys with Martin Taylor

In the latest catalogue, Journeys, Glenn Fuller invites the reader to ‘consider the journey’ that each painting in their collection may have taken. As an artist, I thought I would enlighten you on the journey that some of my paintings took in their creation. Not only is it a journey of the paintings, but also a journey of the area and surrounding countryside they depict.

My studio is at East Haddon Grange, near the village of East Haddon, Northamptonshire and is set in rolling countryside. A very short distance in my Land Rover on the A428 towards Long Buckby takes me to a turning and track into fields. It is fairly high so there are good distances. Turning off the road, I stop and immediately see a composition which I draw. Later I make studies in a book which is leather bound and made up of Amatruda watercolour paper, which was made in Italy.

You can see a scene and say “that would be good" and there it stays. Making a drawing, however slight and quick, captures that scene and gives it the potential to be further explored and developed. This composition I worked into a full large painting and two more smaller variations.

One composition such as this can be portrayed in many ways. With different light, as the light changes through the course of a day with each day being different, as well as the changing seasons. Also, in terms of scale; moving slightly to