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Postcard from Rutland

Rutland styles itself as the ‘County of Good Taste’. We’re proud of our farming and agricultural traditions which produce a remarkable array of locally made food and drink. As the hedgerows burst into life with elderflowers, enterprising locals can be seen foraging to create their unique distillations. Farm shops boast the best local lamb, and we have both Cropwell Bishop and Stilton cheese made nearby. South of Oakham newly planted vines line the limestone-rich hillside and we wish this venture well.

All this bounty is so reminiscent of the subjects of our contemporary still life artists Paul Brown and Stewart Lees and the wild flowers and brambles so lovingly rendered by Martin Taylor line the fringes of our fields.

In ‘Into the Field’, Martin draws us into his landscapes with an immediacy gained through total immersion in his subject. His paintings, with views so local to us here in Rutland, encourage us to stride out into the fields look again at the overgrown margins or wooden stiles with fresh eyes...

Fertility and bounty are everywhere. June always seems to be an outrageously beautiful month especially around Rutland Water and its nature reserve. Donald Hamilton Fraser's 'Under Full Sail' reminds us of the joys of being on the water during the Summer. Fraser's water is full of energy and movement demonstrated through his brushstrokes in the foreground, yet there is a sense of tranquility which peaks through. His sailing boat is stable and the pastel tones featured in the sky denote a warm and peaceful Summer evening.

In a Taste of Summer, Stewart uses his meticulous brushwork to contrast the voluptuous nature of the strawberries with the cool of the porcelain bowl. On warm Summer afternoons, there is nothing like coming in from the garden and gorging on a bowl full of fresh strawberries - perhaps with some sugar or cream to delight your tastebuds!

For any artwork enquiries, please contact Natalie at the Gladwells Rutland Gallery via telephone 01572 756518 or via email


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