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"Unique, Glorious, Endangered": The Secrets of Venice

The great joy of exploring Venice is the thrill that comes from discovering the undiscovered for ourselves. At every twist and turn of a boulevard, calle or rue we open ourselves to the chance of finding a captivating corner, being witness to a special view or discovering something breath-taking. The surprise of the unknown always delights, charms and captivates – this is what keeps us all exploring. It would be a tragedy to imagine a world where this wasn’t possible in Venice.

Lodovico Ughi Iconografica Rappresentatione della Inclita Città di Venezia consacrata al Reggio Serenissimo Dominio Veneto Italian • Engraving • Executed circa 1739 • 59" x 81", 150 x 205 cms
Ahead of our Secrets of Venice exhibition, we talk to Jonathan Keates, Chairman of Venice in Peril Fund, Ted Wake, Kirker Travel and Cory Fuller, Gladwell Patterson, who share their own secrets of Venice.

Jonathan Keates, Chairman of Venice in Peril Fund

Describe Venice in three words?

Beyond all words.

How would you describe the work of Venice in Peril?

Safeguarding Venice for humanity and teaching future generations how to love it.

What Venice in Peril project makes you most proud?

San Giobbe social housing project

Do you have a favourite art historical figure who has worked in Venice?

Richard Parkes Bonington.

What goes through your mind when you are on your en route to Venice?

Acqua alta.

What makes the locals of Venice different to other Italian?

Loud voices, singsong dialect.

How do you think the visitors to Venice can become more ‘sensible tourists’?

Leave the Piazza and Railto behind, explore churches and galleries, try to learn something about what made this city over 1,000 years.

What is your solution to the cruise ship crisis?

Ban the buggers, all of them, large or small.