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Following a successful show in Hong Kong, we are travelling to Beijing to exhibit at Guardian Fine Art Asia, where we will be showcasing a stunning collection of Impressionist and Modern paintings.

A highlight of our collection is a stunning work by Claude Monet, Le Chemin de Halage à Granval, one of the earliest pictures that Claude Monet painted in 1883, after moving to his now legendary home at Giverny. Monet painted Le Chemin de Halage à Granval on the tow path along the riverbank of the Seine in the area of Le Grand Val, which Monet described as “Granval”, facing upstream towards Port-Villez, a small hamlet on the opposite side of the river to Giverny.

The free, broken brushstroke became one of the hallmarks of the Impressionists, and as this stunning painting, Monet’s technique of shaping form and creating texture comes to the fore. The endless sky is formed by soft interlocking strokes. Long, directional brushstrokes create a calm surface to the river with a slight surface ripple, contrasted against the short curved strokes of the vibrant foliage in the foreground. The trees to the right of the composition are formed from rapidly executed dabbed brushstrokes, allowing the bright clear sky to shine through the branches. Through interweaving colours, and added texture, Monet heightened the sensations and builds up this atmospheric landscape bathed in the crisp summer light.

Other highlights include warm winter snow scenes by Albert Lebourg and Michail Markianovitch Germasev, alongside French summer landscapes by Georges Robin and Auguste Bouvard. Representing our contemporary artists we will be exhibiting Kenneth Webb’s vibrant floral paintings, Stewart Lees’ delicate still lifes and Karl Martens exquisite watercolours.

We are very excited and proud to exhibit this stunning collection of paintings at Guardian Fine Art Asia this October in Beijing. Please enjoy the collection online or do join us at our booth at 16 at the Guardian Art Centre, 1 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District, Beijing China, from 24th October until 28th October.

Please contact for further information and tickets.

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