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Following the success of the seminal exhibition “Kenneth Webb at 90” at Gladwell & Patterson in May 2017, a selection of paintings will be exhibited at the Long-Sharp Gallery’s New York Project Space from 7th March to 14th April 2018. Over the past two years we have developed a close relationship with the Long Sharp Gallery, based in Indianapolis, and we are delighted to announce this collaboration. This will be the first time that the paintings of this inspiring Irish artist have travelled to America for a solo exhibition since Kenneth Webb’s paintings were exhibited in Washington in the 1960s.

Kenneth’s magnificent ethereal landscapes of Connemara, his colourful and textured paintings of poppies and his shimmering visions of his favoured waterlily pool are instantly recognisable for their vibrancy and gestural brushstrokes. Featuring examples of work spanning Kenneth’s entire career, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to enjoy and appreciate this wonderful talent in the USA.

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