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When Import Restrictions were lifted after the Second World War, Mr Fuller Senior returned to the Continent with the intention of acquiring pictures for the gallery in the City of London from new artists. The various Salons and Academies in each Country were the most obvious sources and it was at one of these Emporiums in France that he discovered both Alexandre Jacob and George Robin. At the time Jacob was already an established artist with a growing reputation yet Robin was considered to be an up and coming artist with a great future. Receiving French Francs in their hands for their paintings persuaded them that the English market could be of interest to them and 70 years later we continue to acquire and place the best examples of their work with substantial success.


Now we can reflect on the wisdom of Mr. Fuller Senior’s decisions all that while ago as both artists have in the meantime won virtually every award open to them in French painting circles and examples of their work are held in many French Museums.


Each artist has developed his own style of painting and both have remained faithful to their choice of subject matter from the landscape of France.


Gladwell and Patterson are proud to include these superb artists in their collection.


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