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The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show offers a unique opportunity to view and acquire masterpieces of Impressionist and Modern Art and world-class treasures. The show has become a hallmark of the Palm Beach social season and has set a benchmark of excellence in the art, antique and jewelry industry. The show is known for bringing thousands of works of art and antiquities from international and American galleries, in addition to fabulous antique and estate jewels from many of the world’s elite jewelers. The Palm Beach Show boasts an enviable selection of antiquities and upon its return in 2018, will draw tens of thousands of private collectors, museum curators, investors and interior designers who are eager to view and purchase some of the most unique and coveted treasures in the world.

Gladwell & Patterson, a family run art gallery in London that has a notable history which can be traced back to 1752, returns to Palm Beach this February for the tenth consecutive year and will display an impressive selection of Impressionist and modern paintings and contemporary bronze sculpture. The highlights of the exhibit are two remarkable works by Claude Monet. A spectacular atmospheric costal landscape, Sur la Falaise, au Petit Ailly is part of a series of canvases of the Normandy coast that Claude Monet painted between 1896 and 1897. The loose, broad brushstrokes and the pastel tones of Sur la Falaise, au Petit Ailly create a haze that encompasses the viewer, a technique that Monet would develop further in his late waterlily paintings. The painting verges upon the abstract in the artist’s quest to capture an atmospheric impression of his favoured Normandy coastline.

Claude Monet’s exquisite pastel study, Waterloo Bridge, Temps Gris, similarly demonstrates the artist’s interest in the atmospheric impressions of his subject. This richly worked pastel, sketched from the window of Monet’s suite at the Savoy Hotel in London in 1901, depicts Waterloo Bridge’s characteristic arches with faint chimneys billowing industrial smoke from the South Bank in the distance. The haze of fog and mist are beautifully rendered in the chalky, blended pastels with an almost vaporous quality enhanced by the looseness of handling.

Claude Monet inspired a great many artists in his endeavor to capture the impression of the landscape, and other influential works on display by Alfred Sisley, Gustave Loiseau, and the Post-Impressionists exemplify the Impressionist masters’ influence on his contemporaries and on the generations of French artists that were to follow in his footsteps. Gladwell & Patterson has long championed the work of these artists, in particularly Georges Robin and Alexandre Jacob, who were discovered in the Paris Salon in the years following the Second World War by Herbert Fuller and have since been nurtured and collected by three generations of the Fuller family that own this prestigious London gallery.

This year Gladwell & Patterson will exhibit a magnificent collection of Marine paintings by Derek G. M. Gardner, Montague Dawson and Ronny Moortgat, showcasing the finest talent in maritime painting from the twentieth century to today. Remarkable still lives by Stewart Lees and Paul S. Brown display the finest examples of traditional contemporary painting with stunning depictions of culinary treats for the discerning art collector and gourmand. Magnificent bronze sculptures by one of Britain’s most sought after contemporary sculptors, Simon Gudgeon, will be juxtaposed with majestic watercolours by Karl Martens. Inspired by nature, in particular bird forms, Simon Gudgeon’s minimalist, semi-abstracted bronze sculptures depict both movement and the emotion of a moment, captured with a visual harmony that is unmistakably his own.

After the phenomenal success of the solo artist exhibition Kenneth Webb at 90 at Gladwell & Patterson in 2017, the gallery will be showing artworks by this pioneering contemporary Irish painter for the first time in Palm Beach. Bringing bright, bold and colourful landscapes of Connemara in Ireland, Kenneth’s colourful and textured paintings of poppies and his shimmering visions of his favoured waterlily pool are instantly recognisable for their vibrancy and gestural brushstrokes. Gladwell & Patterson will exhibit the ethereal Connemara Landscape near Roundstone, painted in  1964, alongside Shards of Heaven, Kenneth Webb’s latest work, at the Palm Beach Show, before the exhibition tours in both the USA and in Ireland in the latter part of 2018.

Gladwell & Patterson will be delighted to welcome you to Booth 800/901 at The Palm Beach Jewelry, Art & Antique Show from the 14th to the 20th February.

Palm Beach County Convention Center

650 Okeechobee Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

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