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We extend a very warm welcome to you all to our Winter Collection.


We were very lucky recently, when a curator from the Waimate Museum in New Zealand contacted us about this wonderful document which they had uncovered in their archives. It is an advertising handbill created around 1880 enticing clients to consider Works of Art as enduring and sophisticated Christmas presents.


In its’ time it was a simple advertisement, however today it provides a fascinating insight into the past. The language that Harry Gladwell uses is so very eloquent, polite and considered. The surrounding images show the profound influence of Japanese art and culture on artists of the day, one of whom would have been commissioned to create this piece. During this period, Japanese art and design were seen as something new, fresh and exciting and Harry made no mistake in aligning the opening of his new gallery with the popular cultural phenomenon of the 1880’s.


As we continue our research into the document we are reminded that it was shortly before this time that Harry Gladwell was training to be an art dealer at Goupils in Paris with his friend Vincent Van Gogh, whose lodgings he shared. Vincent visited the Gladwell Gallery in Broad street on a number of occasions and often stayed with Harry in London. It would be fascinating to know what these two thought of the changing times back then.


All of the considerations so eloquently laid out in this festive message still hold true today –


“The reasons for selecting a Work of Art may this be enumerated –

By so doing you pay a compliment to your friend’s taste

By a happy selection almost any sentiment may be expressed, and you do credit to your own judgement.

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever, and unlike a bunch of flowers, which wither, decay, and are forgotten, a Picture is always in sight – becomes a part of your home, and is therefore always a reminder of a pleasurable event. 

If cost be a consideration, then your expenditure may be limited to a few shillings or to many guineas.

High quality does not necessarily mean large cost.

Trusting to be favoured with a continuance of the patronage I have received for so many years past.

I remain your obedient servant….”


We hope you will find a treasure in this catalogue to spoil someone special; a painting is a truly unique gift and we hope in our own way, hand in hand with our clients, we continue to add to the history of this special gallery.


We look forward to welcoming you in the gallery this holiday season.

The G&P Team

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