GUSTAVE LOISEAU | Ête, L’Eure en Normandie

GUSTAVE LOISEAU | Ête, L’Eure en Normandie


Oil on Canvas

65 cms x 81 cms / 25¾" x 32"

  • A startlingly vibrant painting, Ête, L’Eure en Normandiewas painted at the height of summer; the treesheavy with whispering leaves and pink flowers bobbing amongst the grasses gathered along the banks of theRiver Eure.

    The River Eure, a tributary of the Seine which runs between Normandy and Centre-Val de Loire in north-western France, was a favoured theme to which Loiseau returned on many occasions throughout his artistic career.

    The River Eure is crossed by the picturesque village of Saint-Cyr-du-Vaudreuil, where Loiseau settled at the turnof the century with his wife Marie Michaud. Only a few kilometres from the River Seine, the area offered a wealth of inspiration for a follower of the Impressionists.

    Poplars and alders line the banks of the River Eure, forming enchanting reflections on the surface of thewater which delighted Loiseau’s artistic curiosity. Loiseau captured the gentle curve of the flowing river, framed by the grassy river bank and an abundance offolliage. Loiseau painted the River Eure in all seasonsand at various times throughout the day; veiled by the morning mist, infused with an autumnal glow or, as in Ête, L’Eure en Normandie, in the bright sunshine of a warmsummer's day.

    The broad expanse of the river in the foreground delightsthe senses as Loiseau superbly captures the rippling effect of a warm summer's breeze blowing across the surface of the water. This still and serene landscape isanimated by the movement of the gently rolling clouds in the sky, painted with longer, looser brushstrokes than their reflections in the water below, evoking the ambiance of a warm summer's day. Loiseau’s techniqueand the chromatic variety of his palette express an extraordinary ability to synthesise Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.

    This landscape, so loved by the artist, recalls the workof Monet and Sisley in the themes and the manner that Loiseau has painted it, however Loiseau’s technique andinnovative use of ‘en treillis’ brushwork adds a brilliant atmosphere and vibrancy to the composition.



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