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ARIS RAISSIS | The Golden Apple
  • ARIS RAISSIS | The Golden Apple


    Oil on Panel

    18" x 14" / 46 x 35.5 cms


    Striking woman wearing large gold earrings and an intricate broach. 


    It all started when Eris, the goddess of disagreement, realized that she had not been invited to the marriage of the King Peleus, with the sea Nymph Thetis; a marriage that took place in the Mountain of Pelion in Thessaly (Central Greece).


    Eris was so furious about her exclusion that she decided to go to the wedding and throw a golden apple, the fruit of temptation, to the banquet table. The apple was supposed to go out to the "Calliste" - that mean the fairest one. Three goddesses claimed the beautiful golden apple: Hera, the goddess of Marriage, Athena, the goddess of Wisdom and Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of Love, who was born in Cyprus. Zeus had a hard time to decide since all three were dear to him, so he handled the judgment to the most handsome youth, the Trojan Prince Paris.


    Hera and Athena did their best to bribe Paris with power and glory. Hera, the queen of the Gods, offered Paris power. She filled his head with images of thrones and conquering, and promised him that he should have all of Asia at his feet. Athena went next. She offered him great wisdom, almost equals her own, and promised him great luck in battle.


    Aphrodite, on the other hand, seduced him with love, offering him the most beautiful female mortal in the world, Helen of Sparta, the wife of the King of Sparta Menelaus. Paris opted for Aphrodite and so Helen was taken from Sparta to become Helen of Troy. ... And according to mythology, this was the start of the legendary, ten-year Trojan War.

    • Aris Raissis was born in Cairo in 1962 and is of Greek origin. He studied at The Chelsea Schoo