PAUL CZAINSKI | Butterflies & Bugs

PAUL CZAINSKI | Butterflies & Bugs

7" x 14" / 18cms x 36cms

Gold leaf, silver leaf, nacreous pigments and watercolour on paper
  • Paul Czainski is the most sought after speciality trompe l’oeil artist, muralist and specialist decorator. He is inspired by pattern, decorative effects, chiaroscuro and the fantastic. In his paintings and drawings he is able to tell a story or bring to our attention the hidden beauty or excitement of the mundane. Czainski works in virtually any medium, from charcoal, etching and drawing through to oils and acrylics. He is equally at home with large scale and miniature works. Paul is inspired by simple beauty, natural surroundings, sculpture and form. The subject matter in his paintings come from his own garden, which is a masterpiece of creation and an extension of his art. His depictions include both the familiar, the imaginary and out-of-this-world ideas but they strike a cord in the hearts and minds of many, making him highly collectable and wonderfully original.
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