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DAVID SCHOCK | Contemplation

DAVID SCHOCK | Contemplation


Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 24" / 92 x 61 cms 


This delightful original acrylic painting depicts a girl in a white dress strolling along a sandy beach looking out to the ocean. 


Born in Boston in 1962, David Schock would hone his craft on both sides of the Atlantic, gaining a degree in Massachusetts, studying in Exeter and then returning to work with New York’s Art Students League. Working with English painters like Michael Mayer, and American portraitists such as Aaron Shikler, his student travels have lent his paintings a diversity that is still apparent today.

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  • His best works have come from his ability to seamlessly combine both styles, creating informal portraits of figures situated in richly realised landscapes from around the world. Schock’s subtle and multifaceted treatments of a range of subjects have been widely collected, appearing in collections in Asia, Europe and the US.

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