KEITH SNOW | Flood Tide off the Nore

KEITH SNOW | Flood Tide off the Nore


14" x 21" / 36cms x 54cms
Oil on canvas


Flood Tide off the Nore continues Snow’s interest in the mixture between industrial modernity and traditional sailing vessels. The work depicts a three-masted iron hulled Barque on the London shipping lane. The Nore forms a well-known bank that separates the Thames from the North Sea between Essex and Kent, traditionally marking the limit of the London Port Authority and the open ocean. Considered extremely hazardous for ships, this area had one of the earliest lightship and buoy systems, and was probably one of the busiest areas of sea during London’s commercial heyday.

  • Keith is primarily a marine artist, and whilst mostly focusing on subjects of a maritime nature, he also greatly enjoys producing landscapes and portraits.
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