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GEORGES BAUQUIER | Nature Morte aux Deux Pommes, No. 5

GEORGES BAUQUIER | Nature Morte aux Deux Pommes, No. 5


36" x 29" / 92 x 73 cms

Oil on Canvas

  • Georges Bauquier’s career is defined by his intimate personal and professional relationship with the great Cubist master, Fernand Léger. For twenty years the two painters would work closely together, and after Léger’s death Bauquier would be instrumental in both founding a museum dedicated to the artist and writing his Catalogue Raisonné. Crucially, despite Léger’s long shadow Bauquier was able to create a personal style. With works usually predicated on a balance between great colouristic freedom and maintaining rigid compositional principles, Bauquier’s best known pieces are his still lifes. As the French critic Tabaraud notes:

    “it cannot appear easy to be, for the twenty years from 1936 to his death, both the friend and closest daily collaborator of Fernand Léger and still pursue autonomous pictorial research, yet through constant study in the secrecy of the studio Bauquier was still able to find a personal identity”