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Oil on Canvas

64 x 49 cms, 25" x 19"


This beautiful original oil painting by Georges Charles Robin depicts a tranquil village by the sea in Finistère, Western Brittany. Georges Charles Robin studied at École des Beaux-Arts under the master painter Paul Michel Dupuy, a noted artist whose paintings are to be found in the collection of the Musée du Louvre. Robin went on to become a well-known decorative artist, before securing a job as the scenery artist for the Charleville Theatre and the Dinan Casino.

  • Recognised as one of the best Post-Impressionist artists, Robin’s skill and complete command of his palette set him aside from his contemporaries. Following the ‘en plein air’ practice of the Impressionist masters, in a few swift brushstrokes Robin brought life to the trees and rivers of the French countryside.


    Enthralled by the enchanting river valleys of rural France that flowed through the luxuriant countryside and rolling fields, Robin’s paintings perfectly capture rustic and typical French life. Combining his deft and delicate touch with vigorous, dramatic brush strokes and palette knife work, he produced exceptional paintings.


    Feted by the French artistic establishment and his many patrons during his lifetime, the multitude of awards that Robin garnered for his work illustrates the acclaim in which he was held. Gladwell & Patterson had a clo