GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN | Moulin prés du Clisson Vendée
  • GEORGES CHARLES ROBIN | Moulin prés du Clisson Vendée


    Moulin prés du Clisson Vendée by Georges Charles Robin

    Oil on Canvas

    9" x 13¼"/ 23cms x 33.5 cms


    “On a post-war visit to Paris my father discovered the artistic talents of Georges Robin - the same visit on which he came across the work of Alexandre Jacob. Being in his fifties, Robin had already established himself as one of the foremost French artists of the day; he continued to go from strength to strength, culminating in the award of the Medaille d’Honneur by the Société des Artistes Français.


    Sadly in his late seventies Robin lost his sight, but he continued to release examples of his earlier work to Gladwell & Company until shortly before he died in his one-hundredth year. His tonal values and his positioning of pure colours side by side on the canvas, each slightly altering the appearance of the other, remain his lasting legacy to future generations of artists. The numerous French museums who have examples of Robin’s landscapes in their collection are fortunate indeed. To cap it all, he was just the nicest man to deal with.”  – Anthony Fuller