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PIERRE EUGÈNE MONTÉZIN | Beau jour d'automne

PIERRE EUGÈNE MONTÉZIN | Beau jour d'automne


Oil on Canvas

46 x 65 cms / 18" x 25½"

Signed lower left.


This beautifully fluid oil painting by Pierre Eugène Montézin depicts a landscape with wind sweeping through trees, branches and fields. With loose, fast brushstrokes Montézin builds atmosphere in this original piece of art and exploring sunlight through colours that capture brightness. 

  • The son of a lace designer, Pierre-Eugène Montézin was apprenticed to a decorative atelier at a young age to learn the art of executing murals. In 1903 he met the French Impressionist painter Ernest Quost who encouraged Montézin to concentrate on drawing and painting en plein air and to study the theories of Impressionism.

    Throughout his career, Montézin maintained an Impressionist style, using loose, broad brushstrokes of pure colour to build up his compositions. Montézin painted figures in many of his landscapes, either working the land or at leisure, providing animation and focus to his landscapes.

    Montézin first exhibited at at the Salon des Artistes Français in 1903, and was subsequently awarded numerous accolades. In 1932 he was awarded the medal of honor, the first landscape painter given this prestigious award in thirty years, and the following year he was elected the president of the Salon Jury.



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