GUSTAVE CARIOT | Rue de Campagne

GUSTAVE CARIOT | Rue de Campagne

8½" x 10½" / 22cms x 27cms

Oil on Canvas
  • Inspired by Monets famous studies of haystacks and the Rouen cathedral, Gustave Cariot was fascinated by the fluctuations of light and color brought about by the changing seasons. He devoted two series of paintings to exploring this theme. Entitled Le Pome des Saisons, with each picture representing a different month, these paintings were exhibited together at the 1903 Salon des Indpendants. It was there, as the artists correspondence reveals, that these pictures would catch the eye of two of the most important collectors of the time, Serguei Dmitrievitch Cheremeteff and Armand Cabrol, leading to a surge in his popularity. Gustave Cariot was a largely self-taught French Pointillist and Impressionist artist born in the countryside near Paris. Inspired by the techniques of the Pointillists and Divisionists, he was to become a celebrated Post-Impressionist painter whose work is gaining importance with every passing year.
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