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The Summer Collection – Family Favourites

Passion, inspiration and enjoyment are some of the key elements to the establishment of a personal art collection. The collection of art is a rewarding and exciting process taking you on a journey around the world.

It is with this sentiment that we are delighted to introduce our Summer Collection for 2015.

All of us here at the gallery have also chosen our personal favourites from the collection which we offer for your consideration.

Anthony’s Pick: “Une Lettre Soignee” by Emile Georges Weiss

18883 - WEISS (1)

A delicately composed figure study with exquisite lighting depicting a bygone romantic era. In my opinion his figure work is outstanding. Such charming and exceedingly interesting paintings are not being created today placing them in great demand.

Cory’s Pick: “Paysage de Juan-Les-Pins” by Pablo Picasso


I adore this colourful panorama by Picasso, the splash of red, the azur blue of the sea, the statuesque pine trees in stark contrast to the verdant green and bright orange. I get a real sense of Picasso’s joie de vivre and his love of light and landscape, with characteristic motifs resounding throughout the painting. This painting exudes happiness, warmth and sunshine and firmly places me in the Côte d’Azur.

Glenn’s Pick: “Sundrenched Tranquility” by Donald Hamilton Fraser.


Reminiscent of happy peaceful times spent relaxing on deserted islands and beaches under the scorching sun and far from the madding crowds, the painting is evocative for me and brings back many happy memories of enjoyable sailing holidays.

Marie-Claire’s Pick: “Red Grouse” by Nick Bibby

Bibby - Grouse

As with all sculpture, I find it hard to resist touching it and, where possible, picking it up, interacting with it. Running my hands along the smooth curves of this plump grouse is exquisite. The flowing movement of line and delicate patination on the bronze really brings this Red Grouse to life: here it is, snuggling down into its feathers, unaware that I am about to take it up into my hands and off to Peckham (please Glenn?).

Graham’s Pick: “Rutland Reflections” by Peter van Breda


I can never venture far away from one of Peter’s paintings. Having a fabulous river scene at home, I openly admit to being a big fan. His enthusiasm and excitement at capturing the light shines through on the canvas and is one of the hardest painting techniques to achieve. I love the evening light bouncing along the shining, wet walkway outside the Rutland Arms pub. Friends are gathered outside staying to catch up on news over a drink and so become immortalised in his painting. We don’t know if the girl in the black and white skirt will ever know she is famous!

Ella’s Pick: “Chervil and Garlic” by Stewart Lees


Stewart captures the very essence of the objects and plants that he paints in his still lives. In this charming painting, each clove and each spring of parsley is animated by the way the light catches on them as they rest upon the shelf. I can smell the fresh garlic and parsley leaves every time I look at this painting. Cooking is one of my great passions, next to art, and this painting, like many of Stewart’s other still lives in our Summer Collection, makes me want to cook up a comforting light pasta con vongole reminiscent of my time in Italy.

Carla’s Pick: “A Romantic Afternoon, Venice” by Auguste Bouvard

18654 hires BOUVARD

For me the most exciting paintings of Venice are those that herald a timeless beauty within the perfect romantic dream. “A romantic afternoon” immediately caught my interest. This momentous work enchantingly draws the viewer’s eye past the sun-soaked patina of centuries old stonework in the foreground, leading it past a flotilla of slow-moving sailing barges going about their business with San Marco beyond. With a sheer simplicity of form and colour August Bouvard manages to communicate a truly romantic ambience of this ordinary setting… absolutely clear, precise, painstakingly executed, and delicately imbued with a subtle poetry that arises from the particular beauty in each and every thing. To me looking at any of Bouvard’s works always add an important dimension to the understanding of Venice and all the emotions that lie within such magical scenery.


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