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Termed ‘The Last of the Pointillists’ by a major retrospective exhibition in 2016, Yvonne Canu is one of the most foremost female artists of the twentieth-century. Our London gallery has acquired and sold many notable paintings by Yvonne Canu. We are always looking to acquire and buy more artworks by this artist.


Born in 1922 in Meknes, Morocco, Yvonne Canu was the daughter of French colonial administrators. Interested in art as a child, she was encouraged to pursue a career as a painter seriously by her father. The artist would begin her studies at Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris in the late thirties, receiving a training that combined both classical and impressionistic approaches.


Canu’s oeuvre developed largely from a single encounter with the seminal pointillist work, George Seurat’s Sunday Afternoon on the Grand Jatte. Struck by how complex contrasts of primary and tertiary colours could coalesce into intensely lit landscapes, Canu wholeheartedly adopted the style, employing it to capture the vibrancy of the French Riviera, her favoured subject matter.


Canu’s work continues to grow in popularity thanks to her masterful understanding of juxtaposed colour and meticulously realised compositions.

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