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Navigating our clients through the complexities of the art market to a position of informed decision-making



Gladwell & Patterson have a long history of helping collectors to strengthen their collections. We offer a highly discreet, personalized art advisory service that covers all aspects of building, managing and realizing the potential of a collection. The gallery’s advice is informed, as ever, by our art expertise and privileged knowledge of the market. With over 275 years’ experience at the forefront of our field, we are in the strongest possible position to navigate our clients – first-time buyers, seasoned collectors, private individuals, families and corporations alike – through the complexities of the art market to a position of informed decision-making. We offer our clients a gateway to a global network of industry contacts and the finest specialists working in the field today.


The role of art advisory services in the current market

The art market is a complex, opaque and unregulated market, and is now more dynamic and more global than ever. This rapidly changing context presents multiple, and ever-increasing opportunities for art collectors, but also presents certain possible pitfalls to be avoided. To minimize risk and maximize potential, sophisticated connoisseur collectors and astute new buyers alike require comprehensive, specialist guidance on the current market.

Gladwell & Patterson’s art advisory services have been formed from our extensive experience in the field, and in direct response to the conditions of today’s market.

We advise on a complete range of concerns, including:

  • Buying and selling advice, both at auction and privately

  • Auction representation, and negotiation of private treaty

  • Due diligence, authentication and attribution to avoid any costly mistakes

  • Tax and estate planning to allow for efficient, long-term strategies

  • Valuations for both fair market and insurance purposes

  • Art market research and analysis, to support informed decisions

  • Art finance, leveraging finance against artworks

  • Art wealth management, maximising the benefit of an asset

  • Collection management, founding, building, refining and curating collections

  • Art philanthropy, advising on donations to the arts

  • Investment funds, integrating art into an overall wealth strategy, balancing portfolios

  • Risk assessment and strategy for prevention of loss

  • Restoration, framing, hanging and lighting advice

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Supporting collectors motivations​

In recent years, there has been a positive reappraisal of the benefits that collecting art affords – financial and non-financial, tangible and intangible. An entirely new generation of collectors has entered the arena, while existing collectors are in a position to reappraise their assets in this enterprising new context. Understanding that the gallery’s clients have a range of motivations, from wanting to benefit from the emotional and social value of art, to enjoy it as a luxury good, to seeking portfolio diversification and investment returns, Gladwell & Patterson can tailor our advisory service to a specific need.

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