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Art Advisory Service at Gladwell and Patterson, London, U.K


Developing an overarching strategy that will maximize the value, quality, coherence and significance of our clients' art


At Gladwell & Patterson, we believe that a great collection is far more than just the sum of its parts. The aim of our curatorial advice is to help clients to develop an overarching strategy that will maximize the value, quality, coherence and significance of their art – as well as the enjoyment they derive from it.


Whether the motivation is passion, investment, or both, we can help build a collection from the ground up; refine the focus of an existing grouping; formulate a curatorial plan for the long term; advise on and negotiate acquisitions and sales, and; instruct on collection management and insurance.

Collecting Artwork Advice at our Art-Gallery gladwell and patterson, london and international

Paintings are the long-held passion of the Gladwell & Patterson team, and optimising their physical condition and presentation is an essential part of our ethos, as indeed, it will be for all driven collectors. We advise on all aspects of restoration, framing, hanging and lighting. From specialist conservators to experienced lighting designers, we hold strong, longstanding relationships with the very best professionals in each of the fields. From this position we can deliver a highly personalized service that meets our clients’ objectives, delivered on time and to budget, and ensuring that each artwork and each collection is displayed to its very best advantage.

Bespoke Home Delivery  Service

Gladwell & Patterson offer a “white glove” bespoke home delivery service upon request. Our experienced team will ensure your artwork is hung or displayed with care to our exacting standards. We offer curatorial, hanging and lighting services for both paintings and sculptures.


Please contact for availability, and further details.

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